Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro 2006.  Climb with us on Mount Kilimanjaro in 2006.

We returned to Colorado: 2006-7-16 00:00:00 GMT-07:00 ago.

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Who else wants to be featured as "the company that climbed to the top of the world?"

If you answered "Yes" or "Me" to the above question, keep reading.

Note: The arrow has been added to this picture for effect!  It's not actually a REAL arrow floating above Kilimanjaro.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is the mountain you see above.  Please note the floating arrow.

That arrow will become important for you!

Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania, Africa.  It is the highest point in Africa, and it is the tallest free-standing volcano in the world.  The mountain is known by many names, including "Great Sky Mountain"

We will stand at 19,340+ feet at the summit!  We can tell you that this will be quite a journey!

I am 26, and Carrie will turn 25 while we are on our trip.

About the trip

We will leave (from Colorado) on June 8, 2006.  We are going to New York and Washington, D.C. to visit friends, including one who is currently in the Broadway production of Mamma, Mia!

We will spend approximately 12 days in New York, and in Washington, D.C.

Sites we plan to visit in and around Washington, D.C. include:
The Washington Monument
The Jefferson Memorial
The Vietnam Memorial
The U.S. Capitol
The White House

Sites we plan to visit in and around New York include:
The Village
Times Square
Liberty Island
Ellis Island
Ground Zero Rebuilding
Central Park

And we'll head to Tanzania, Africa on June 21st.

We then begin our climb and on June 27th, we will reach the summit of the tallest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro.

We didn't know this before, but the only way to go to Kilimanjaro is via Amsterdam.  So, we'll travel into Amsterdam, and stay for a couple of days, on the way back, July 1-4.

Between buying gear, airline tickets, immunization shots, and costs of the travel itself, we will easily spend over $10,000 getting both of us to Kilimanjaro and back.

In other words, the cost of our Kilimanjaro expedition is rather expensive. That's where you come in.

There are the costs for:

  • plane tickets  ( the blog to find out more)

  • hiking boots

  • immunizations (can you believe we PAY doctors to stick us with needles?)

  • miscellaneous other gear

  • eBay/PayPal fees

  • etc.

This trip will definitely cost more than that above figure.  That's just a starting point for us.)

At this point, you might be saying, "Why don't these guys just pay for their own darn trip?"

Well, before we answer that, let's talk about what you're going to get!

What if your company became
"The company that climbed to the top of the world?"

Your company can choose to have as many sponsorships as you like.  Each sponsorship spot costs $100.


So, what will you get for your bid?

  • We are people who like to have a lot of fun!  We work hard too!  We are currently kicking our own butts (it's difficult, but we somehow manage), getting in shape for our travels to the beautiful continent of Africa!

    • You can be the beneficiary of our butt-kicking!!!  
      It's like hiring someone else to work out for you, while you get the benefits!!!

    • While we're working out (1-2 hours/day for the next 2 months), we will wear workout clothes marketing your brand.

  • Both of us are fortunate enough to have been to Europe, and I have been to China, but we have never been to Africa, so we are VERY excited! 

    It will be our first time out of the North American continent TOGETHER!

Scroll down and read
"#2 Internet Placement!"
and "#3 Your company in the pictures"
to see what getting "US" means

Jonathan works in Internet Marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) (i.e. getting web sites placed well in Search Engines).  By becoming a sponsor, here's what you will get:

  • Placement on a well ranked web site (

  • A text link, using text of your choice, will be placed on every current page of our web site.  We will link to you using your logo, text links, or any combination thereof.

  • You will receive advertising and links from our web site( will be online for a minimum of 3 years, so you will own advertising space on the site until May 30 2009.  We don't have any plans to ever take it down, so as long as the Internet stays stable, should be alive and well. 

    You agree that we will make every reasonable effort to keep our site actively online, and we will do our best to achieve a consistent 99.9% uptime, for at least the next three years.  You also agree that you will make every reasonable effort to keep your site online, so that the traffic we send you will be well-received.



  • As an example of Jonathan's search engine marketing experience, go to Google, and type in "Make an International Phone Call."  You can see that Jonathan's site ranks very well for this term - usually between #1 and #3.  (Strive4impact dot com is his web site.)

This screenshot is actual traffic statistics for this term (and a few related terms) from February 2006. 

You can see from the screenshot here that Jonathan knows how to get a healthy amount of traffic to a web site, based on a specific search term.  If you need further proof of effective Search Engine Optimization, please email Jonathan, and he will get you more terms for which he ranks highly, as well as overall site statistics for some of his projects. 

Since Kilimanjaro2006 dot com is a new site, it hasn't gotten ranked in the search engines just yet, but we will have it there quite shortly!

However, it has already started to get some visitor attention:

Just 9 days after the launch of the site (the real launch was on March 13)
on March 21 we had 24 visits in one day.


We weren't either.  So, we got to work. 

Here's what happened next.

Nearly 1300 visitors (one-day unique visitors) on a page that could be featuring your company!

Here's what the traffic levels look like through April 29.


Here's the traffic update through the morning of May 15th

On average, we are getting (at present) 170 visitors/day!

Here are our monthly statistics (as of May 15) from launch day

Enough with the details!
Come along on our expedition!

(Or, keep reading.)

This above traffic was NOT paid for.  It was achieved using a simple and unique, but effective, marketing method.

Because of Jonathan's knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, will come up in top search results for people traveling to "Kilimanjaro", "Tanzania", and may also rank highly for search terms related to "Washington D.C"., "New York", "Mamma Mia", "Amsterdam", "Europe", "Africa", "hiking", "mountaineering", "camping", "safari", etc.  This means excellent traffic to your company's web site from our site, for the lifetime of our site (minimum 3 years).

Your company featured in OUR pictures. 

We both really enjoy taking pictures, and we are both very good at taking pictures!  You can see a variety of pictures we've taken in the past, featured on our sites. 

We have had pictures we've taken on our other travels used by a variety of organizations, including the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

If you would like to see the quality of pictures that we take, you may be interested in checking out some of Jonathan's favorite pictures from China.

The pictures at the above link were taken almost three years ago, and our skills in taking pictures, as well as in Search Engine Optimization - have definitely improved since then.

Here's how #2 works.

You will be responsible for getting us your company logo(s).  You can either email us the logo, or send it to us in the form of stickers/patches.

(Patches for our cargo pants, backpacks, water bottles, etc...) 

We will be taking hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of pictures on this trip.  As a result, your company will be featured in many of the pictures on our web site, with your logo being attached to our gear.

When people come to to look at our pictures, they will see your brand in our pictures.

Additionally, at the conclusion of the trip, we will also email you all of our pictures (and video if possible), for you to use in whatever promotions you want.

Which brings us to your earlier question...

Why don't these two just pay for their own darn trip?

We can and will pay for this trip ourselves.

In other words, we're going on this incredible expedition regardless of your sponsorship. 

However, we would like to give your company a sponsorship opportunity (and offset some of our costs as well).

Who should sponsor?

  • Any company/individual that wants prime exposure from a unique sponsorship opportunity

  • Any company/individual that wants their web site to have links from a web site with great levels of traffic.

  • Any company/individual that want exposure from the press and media attention we are receiving.

What companies/individuals should NOT sponsor?:

  • Adult-oriented companies (sorry - keeping this expedition and web site family friendly)

  • Racist, discriminatory, or vulgarity oriented companies
    (Keeping this expedition friendly to the development of humanity)

  • If you are the winning bidder, but you market products/services we ethically or morally disagree with, we reserve the right to refuse your sponsorship... we will just select someone else.

    • (But that shouldn't really be a problem - we just want the option if necessary.)

Also, your company will be doing a great service toward a worthwhile charity!

10% of what we receive will be donated to a Kilimanjaro-related charity..

Make your company the one that climbed
"Great Sky Mountain!"

So, to recap...   When you sponsor, here is what you will get:

  • #1 US promoting You!  (There's not much that's better!)

    • You will get to have us climb Kilimanjaro, sponsored by your company

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    • We will wear your brand for the next two months of workouts (on mountains in Colorado and) in the gym we regularly visit.

  • #2 Internet Promotion

    • On, we will feature:

      • your logo

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    • This site will drive visitors (a.k.a. new customers) to you.

  • #3 Photo promotion

    • You send us patches, stickers, logos, clothing, emblems.

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    • You will be featured in the pictures that everyone will view on

    • You will be able to have pictures of your company logo, in New York, for use in whatever promotional materials you produce for your company.

    • You will be able to have pictures of your company logo, in Washington, D.C. for use in whatever promotional materials you produce for your company.

    • You will be able to have pictures of your company logo, on Kilimanjaro, for use in whatever promotional materials you produce for your company.

Best of all, you get to use our bodies
for your brand - meaning, on our clothing)!

You get EVERYTHING we just talked about for only $100.

Enough with the details!
Come along on our expedition!

Just click above.  It's only $100, and our goal is to earn you significantly more than a simple $100 investment, when you become involved with us.

  We are happy to speak on the phone or via email with any sponsors or members of the media.
Please contact us with your questions.

Day 1 -  The Hains Point Giant "The Awakening" and DC Metro       Pictures/stories    No Video
Day 2 -  Our First Official "Tourist Day!"                                    
Pictures/stories    Summary Video  
Day 3 -  National Museum of Art, Constitution, and Carrie's Bday   
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 4 -  Arlington, Iwo Jima, FDR, Jefferson, Holocaust Museum    
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 5 -  Washington D.C. Museums and the Hope Diamond           
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 6 -  Mellow relax and Catch-up day with our friends Misty and Yvette
Day 7 -  Delaware, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania      
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 8 -  Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Mamma Mia! on Broadway    Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 9 -  New York City, The Empire State Building, Long Island      
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 10 - Catch-up/prep day with our friends Viliam and Julie, as well as the New Jersey PPL Briefing
Day 11/12  Travel to Africa  (Arriving in Africa the evening of Day 12, which was June 22nd)
Day 13 - Safari in Arusha National Park and touring the lodge        
Pictures/stories    Summary Video(s)
Day 14 - Traveling to Mount Kilimanjaro and beginning our climb     
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 15 - Second Climb Day on Mt Kilimanjaro                               Pictures/stories    Summary Video

In the meantime, check out the Gear page!


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