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June 17, 2006
Driving through Delaware, staying in New Jersey, and visiting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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June 17th
(As told from the perspective of Carrie)

Today we picked up our second rental car in Vienna, Virginia, and drove to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  To get there, we had to drive over many many bridges, and into New Jersey.  Here’s a picture of Philadelphia’s skyline.  It looks pretty cool. 

Welcome to New Jersey   Philadelphia skyline - from the distance    Philadelphia skyline - from the bridge 

  Philadelphia skyline - bridge picture    Philadelphia skyline - bridge photo    Philadelphia skyline - bridge photo 3

This is Jonathan and a nervous smile as we are standing in front of about a thousand jewelry shops
(on Jeweler’s Row in Philadelphia).
 Jonathan in Philadelphia   

 Jonathan with Philadelphia in the background

Jeweler's Row in Philadelphia    Philadelphia house

We thought this was really funny.  The building on the right is the Children’s Dental Associates, and right next door is an ice cream shop.  I wonder if the kiddos get their ice cream before or after they go to the dentist.
Dental Ice Cream for Children

Independence Hall   Jonathan at Independence Hall    Carrie in front of Independence Hall     Independence Hall East

Then we saw Independence Hall.  It had already closed for the day, but we’ll get to go in tomorrow.  In case you don’t know, Independence Hall was once home to the Liberty Bell, and it’s where the Declaration of Independence was signed.  Across the street from Independence Hall was also the first “white house”.  It wasn’t white, but it was where the President and his family lived before the actual White House was built.

  A street in Philadelphia

We asked a horse carriage driver for a good place to find a Philly steak and cheese sandwich.  He recommended Pete’s Pizza Joint.  Pete’s was amazing.  The food was so good.  The building was a bit small, but Pete was very welcoming.  Here’s some of the menu.  Pete was a super nice guy, and we enjoyed talking with him.  The Phillys were so good that we just might have to come back for more!

Here’s what the building looks like from the outside. 

Carrie at Pete's Pizza    Pete's Pizza in Philadelphia
It really looks like a little hole-in-the-wall place, but GO EAT THERE because it's awesome!

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