Climbing Kilimanjaro 2006

We returned to Colorado: 2006-7-16 00:00:00 GMT-07:00 ago.
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Day 1 -  The Hains Point Giant "The Awakening" and DC Metro       Pictures/stories    No Video
Day 2 -  Our First Official "Tourist Day!"                                    
Pictures/stories    Summary Video  
Day 3 -  National Museum of Art, Constitution, and Carrie's Bday   
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 4 -  Arlington, Iwo Jima, FDR, Jefferson, Holocaust Museum    
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 5 -  Washington D.C. Museums and the Hope Diamond           
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 6 -  Mellow relax and Catch-up day with our friends Misty and Yvette
Day 7 -  Delaware, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania      
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 8 -  Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Mamma Mia! on Broadway    Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 9 -  New York City, The Empire State Building, Long Island      
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 10 - Catch-up/prep day with our friends Viliam and Julie, as well as the New Jersey PPL Briefing
Day 11/12  Travel to Africa  (Arriving in Africa the evening of Day 12, which was June 22nd)
Day 13 - Safari in Arusha National Park and touring the lodge        
Pictures/stories    Summary Video(s)
Day 14 - Traveling to Mount Kilimanjaro and beginning our climb     
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 15 - Second Climb Day on Mt Kilimanjaro                               Pictures/stories    Summary Video

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