We returned to Colorado: 2006-7-16 00:00:00 GMT-07:00 ago.

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Cute Carrie before hiking mount Kilimanjaro 
Of us two, definitely the cuter one. 
(Just compare the pictures!)


goofy Jonathan before hiking Mount Kilimanjaro
Of us two, definitely the goofier one. 
(What, you couldn't tell from the picture?)

Favorite food: Pad Thai (
from Tommy's Thai)
Favorite car: '67 Mustang Shelby
Favorite Drink: Margarita

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Water with lemon, no ice
Least Favorite Job: Union Colony Bank
Shoe Size: 10 women's

Future Occupation: Beach Tester

Favorite food: Leftovers and Pot Luck!
Favorite car: 2006 Corvette
Favorite Drink: Scooby Snack (when Carrie drank it on her 21st Birthday)
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Where's the fun in that?
Least Favorite Job: UNC Campus Catering
Shoe Size: 13 - The size of a man's shoes says something about the size of his... (Feet!)

Future Occupation:
Beach Tester's Assistant

We have been together almost since the day we first met. 

It was three days before Valentine's Day, and we were both at a bar for the German Club of UNC (Univ. of Northern Colorado).  Every Monday night, the UNC German club gets together at a bar called Down Under to practice German in an informal setting.  Immersion is, after all, the best way to learn a language.  Down Under is really a hole.  It is!  It's actually it's a hole in the ground under a King Soopers (grocery store), and you have to go around the backside of the store to even figure out how to get to the stairs, which then get you into the bar. 

Anyway, I was having a Valentine's Day party for people who didn't have valentines.  When I invited one of Carrie's friends, she asked, "well, you're not going to invite me?"  and so it began...  She came to the party, and she found out how great I was.  Just kidding.

She and I found out that we had a lot in common (outside of the fact that we both spoke German, and we started dating.  I knew from when I first met her that she was leaving for Germany in September for a year abroad, so we weren’t going to be that serious. 

HA! We proved to be inseparable. 

Four years later here we are, happily together.

This trip will be our first time away from the North American continent together!

You can read more about us and our ongoing venture in the Climbing Kilimanjaro2006 Blog

About Mount Kilimanjaro
Crowned by eternal snows, the mighty Kilimanjaro (19,340ft) is the highest freestanding mountain in the world and dominates its landscape unlike any other mountain. Located in Tanzania, this extinct volcano looms over five Eco-systems and large game reserves and is certainly one of the world's most impressive sights. The terrain is nothing short of dramatic as this highly unique path affords climbers excellent exposure to the area's remote and pristine environment. The climb takes us through rapidly changing environments while unveiling stunning views of east Africa's mountains and plains.

Here's the Wikipedia Article (as of March 11, 2006) on Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro Elevation: 5,895 metres (19,340 feet)
Kilimanjaro Location: Tanzania
Kilimanjaro Prominence: 5,885 m
Kilimanjaro Coordinates: 3°4′S, 37°21′E

Kilimanjaro includes the highest peak in Africa at 5,895m. It is a giant stratovolcano, not currently active, with fumaroles that emit gas in the crater on the main summit of Kibo. Scientists concluded in 2003 that molten lava is just 400 metres below the summit crater. Although new activity is not expected, there are fears the volcano may collapse, causing a major eruption similar to Mount St. Helens. Several collapses and landslides have occurred on Kibo in the past, one creating the area known as the western breach. Although there is no recorded history of eruptions, local legend speaks of activity around 170 years ago.

The highest point is Uhuru Peak on the volcano Kibo, 5,895 metres. As the highest point in Africa, Uhuru Peak is one of the Seven Summits. The summit was first reached by the Marangu army scout, Johannes Kinyala Lauwo (1871-1996) who climbed it nine times before realising there was a crater. Lauwo served as a guide for the first "official" ascent by German Hans Meyer and Austrian Ludwig Purtscheller on October 6, 1889. Two other peaks are also extinct volcanoes: Mawenzi (5,149 metres), the third highest peak in Africa (after Mount Kenya) and Shira (3,962 m). Johannes' Notch is named after Lauwo. In 1989 Lauwo was presented with a house at Ashira Marangu by the West German government in recognition of his role on the Meyer expedition. His relative, Trilas Lauwo (1952- ) was the first Tanzanian woman to reach the summit via the Mweka route in 1972.

An ascent of Mawenzi requires rock climbing and/or snow/ice climbing skills. The climb to Uhuru Peak is considered to be a relatively straightforward endeavour; however, ample time must still be provided for proper acclimatization to prevent altitude sickness. The three easiest routes, Marangu, Rongai and Machame can be climbed by a person of good health, and require no mountaineering experience. Many who climb employ altitude-sickness medication and find this to be helpful in preventing the pounding headaches that plague many travellers. Those who travel on the Marangu route usually take 4-5 days to complete their climb. Huts with cooking facilites, bathrooms, and (sometimes) electricity are available at the end of each day's journey. The final part of the climb, from Kibo hut at 15,500 ft. to the summit, is generally undertaken at night, because the scree is frozen together, making the climb significantly easier. Gilman's Point, on the rim of the crater, but about 1 1/2 hours hike from Uhuru, is attained at 5:00 - 6:00 am; those who have the strength to continue may then hike on to Uhuru in the growing sunlight and rising temperatures. Another route is the Western Breach, which is much more technical in nature. Annually, approximately 15,000 people attempt to climb the mountain, of whom 40% reach the summit.

At the summit, there is a sign posted by the Tanzanian government. The sign (printed in English only) reads, in part, "Congratulations! You are now at Uhuru Peak, Tanzania, 5,895 m. AMSL". The sign is covered in travel stickers from past trekkers who have left their mark on the top of the peak.

Due to the equatorial location as well as huge height, climbers can experience almost every climate type on earth during the journey to the top.

Kilimanjaro is also the highest point in the world to be covered by a GSM mobile phone network. The service is provided by Vodacom.

Current conditions

Glacier at the summit
While the volcano appears to be dormant on the inside, it is the events that are taking place on top of the mountain that are drawing global attention recently. The snow cap that has covered the top of the mountain for the past 11,700 years is rapidly disappearing. Over the past century, the ice cap volume has dropped by more than 80%[1]. In 2002, a study led by Ohio State University ice core paleoclimatologist Lonnie Thompson [2] predicted that ice on top of Africa's tallest peak would be gone between 2015 and 2020 [3] [4]. In March 2005, it was reported that the peak was now almost bare, for the first time in 11,000 years [5]. A comparison of ice core records from Kilimanjaro suggests that conditions similar to those of today have not existed in the past 11,000 years. The loss of the Kilimanjaro ice fields will carry significant climatological and hydrological implications for local populations who depend on water from the ice fields during the dry seasons and monsoon failures.

As of January 2006, the Western Breach route has been closed by the Tanzanian government following a rockslide which killed four people at Arrow Glacier Camp. The rockslide is believed to have been caused by frost action in an area which is no longer permanently frozen.

Wikipedia contributors (2006). Mount Kilimanjaro. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 06:45, March 13, 2006 from https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mount_Kilimanjaro&oldid=43447188.


Day 1 -  The Hains Point Giant "The Awakening" and DC Metro       Pictures/stories    No Video
Day 2 -  Our First Official "Tourist Day!"                                    
Pictures/stories    Summary Video  
Day 3 -  National Museum of Art, Constitution, and Carrie's Bday   
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 4 -  Arlington, Iwo Jima, FDR, Jefferson, Holocaust Museum    
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 5 -  Washington D.C. Museums and the Hope Diamond           
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 6 -  Mellow relax and Catch-up day with our friends Misty and Yvette
Day 7 -  Delaware, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania      
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 8 -  Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Mamma Mia! on Broadway    Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 9 -  New York City, The Empire State Building, Long Island      
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 10 - Catch-up/prep day with our friends Viliam and Julie, as well as the New Jersey PPL Briefing
Day 11/12  Travel to Africa  (Arriving in Africa the evening of Day 12, which was June 22nd)
Day 13 - Safari in Arusha National Park and touring the lodge        
Pictures/stories    Summary Video(s)
Day 14 - Traveling to Mount Kilimanjaro and beginning our climb     
Pictures/stories    Summary Video
Day 15 - Second Climb Day on Mt Kilimanjaro                               Pictures/stories    Summary Video


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